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Suebel's Marsh Heaven Ready to Hunt
Roscoe has long been Jeff's favorite (shhh don't tell the other dogs). When he's out hunting a ball or a bird he's all business! Trained to hunt/fetch birds at a year old, his drive and obedience is off the charts. At 75 pounds he's a power house in the water or on land with stamina to match! It's not a surprise really when you look at the fantastic titled dogs in his bloodline. Champions and Hunters going back at least 3 generations! 

But he's also got the best of the English bloodline and that is he's got an "off" switch. When it's time to settle down with a bone and watch a movie he turns into quite the couch potato. 

My absolute favorite thing about Roscoe is his easy going personality. An intact male is dominant, pushy and doesn't really like to hang out with other intact males. However Roscoe couldn't give a hoot if you're male/female, intact or altered, he gets along with everybody! We've had several other intact males visit (or move in) with us and never a snarl or snap. 

He's 8 years old according to his birth certificate but you'd never know it! Everyone who meets him at Tractor Supply or Lowes stops to comment on how gorgeous and well behaved he is. His puppies are sure to be just as good looking and healthy!